Online Gambling Tips



Are You Going To Stay Or Go?


Not every game is going to be a winner. Sometimes you have to know when to walk away from something that is a non-starter. The same rules apply to online gambling. I have a couple of tips on how to play to win without losing everything in the middle.


1)Top Shelf Talent


There are artist the remained true to their self, rare artist that has always been at the top of their game. It is no mistake that they are where they are now. The same rules apply to the gambling world. You do not spend your money on copycat talent. You do not spend your money on someone who is not going to be around in ten years time.


You want to visit the gambling sites that offer something rare. They need to be top shelf or you are better of going.


2)The House Always Wins


The house edge is when the casino pays out a sum that is closest to what the actual odds are. You want to play games that offer the house edge like I just described.


One example is the game of craps. I could get technical, but I will try to keep it as simple as I can.


There is a one-roll proposition. The bets sometimes line up in the middle. That middle line will offer a higher house edge when you compare it to the pass line bet. There is also something called "hopping the hard ten." The chances of you winning that are less than 1. The casino will pay you less money than the bet is worth if by sheer luck you do win.


Spoiler alert:


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