Two Gambling Tips You Should Probably Listen To


1)The Two Drink Minimum

I do not recommend drinking at all when you gamble. That, however, is not going to stop people from doing it anyway. That is why I am posting the "two drink minimum" idea. Drinking too much impairs your judgment.

You know how you have a one-night stand with a guy who you think is hot. I mean, he was hot when you were drinking. You wake up to find out how ugly he is. You wake up groaning and telling yourself you will never do that again until you do.

The same rules apply to online gambling too. You sometimes make bad choices when you have had one too many. You will find yourself in a situation like the one I described above, sleeping with the ugly guy.

Stop the insanity and just do not drink until you are done playing.

2)I Want To Get Paid

The only problem is when you go over your limit. The chances of you getting paid are slim to none. That is why I recommend you plan a budget and stick with it. I do not care how tempting those crap tables look online. Are you in danger of going over budget? You should lay low then.

Playing when you have reached your limit and beyond is one reason why some develop gambling problems. They assume they do not have a problem when they do. Once again, stop the insanity and play within your means. You are not trying to "keep up with the Joneses, here". It is okay to walk away.

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